MeanWell HLG-600H-54A Driver for Diablo Boards


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Constant voltage/ constant current “A” version of 54V driver is suitable for use with Diablo Boards due to hits higher voltage over 57V

HLG-600H Test Report

Constant voltage/ constant current  version drivers offer the following advantages:

  • lower maximum voltage for safer operation
  • maximum flexibility for expansion – any number of boards can be added later on. Every board added increases efficiency of entire array


Max current: 11.4A can power Diablo boards at the following approximate wattage 


4@2.85A (~160W ea)
5@2.3A(~130W ea)
6@1.9A (~105W ea)
7@1.63A  (~90W ea)
8@1.4A  (~80W ea)


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