MeanWell HLG-480H-48A Driver


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Constant voltage/ constant current “A” version of 48V driver is voltage and current adjustable up to 51.7V for maximum utility with larger arrays of Luminus CXM22, CLU048-1818, CLU058-1825, and Vero29-B series.

*please note this driver has a lower max voltage than the smaller -48A drivers like the HLG320H-48A and HLG185H-48A, both of which go to 53.5V, if you need to drive your COBs at high wattage (>65W with CXM22, 75W with 1818, and >90W with 1825), please select the smaller drivers)*

HLG-480H Datasheet

HLG-480H-48 Test Report


Constant voltage/ constant current  “A” version drivers offer the following advantages:

  • lower maximum voltage for safer operation
  • maximum flexibility for expansion – any number of COBs can be added later on. Every COB added increases efficiency of entire array

Note that dimming for “A” versions are via the potentiometer fixed to the unit- they do not offer remote dimming. Drivers are dimmable to approximately 20% of total load

Also please note all COBs must be same series of similar voltage profile, you cant mix cobs of different models as the lower voltage COBs may not light


Max current: 10.75A can power 48V COBs at the following approximate wattage (actual wattage varies slightly by particular chip):

9@1.19A (~61W ea). 10@1.07A (~55W ea), 11@0.98A(~50W ea), 12@0.90A(~45W ea), etc


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