closeout: Citizen CLU048-1212 2700k 90CRI GEN5

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Citizen COBs are one of the most economical choice for DIYers. The CLU-1212 series offers unmatched performance for its price.

CLU-1212 is a nominal 36V COB which can operate up to 2.76A max (approximately 100W). Best efficiency is seen below 50W with this chip.

Can be mounted directly via handy mounting holes, for solderless option this chip uses Ideal Holder 50-2204-CT

Precut Arctic thermal pads are available for the CLU048 series here

90CRI offers an enhanced red spectrum with the red peak centered around 630 nm



Tech specs on the COBs are found on the Citizen datasheet here


2 reviews for closeout: Citizen CLU048-1212 2700k 90CRI GEN5

  1. iamgoldeneagle (verified owner)

    Despite having a lower luminous flux rating.These diodes are bright when lit. You will need sunglasses to look straight into one. Otherwise you will be temporarily blinded by the after image.

    After the payment cleared. My order was packaged well and delivered within the expected time frame.

    Thank you for all of the hard work.

  2. cobkits

    Its advisable to never look directly into cobs, even with sunglasses! even the small ones are bright like the sun. Thanks for the feedback, good luck with your project!

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