A note about shipping:

while we try to have the cart calculate shipping accurately for all orders, this is impossible with the various combinations of sizes and weights for different items. Typically speaking the website will overcharge for shipping, and we refund the overage upon shipping. So dont be scared off if shipping seems impossibly high! sometimes the website can quote double shipping for odd combinations of drivers and heatsinks, etc. While the system is not perfect, it helps us get the orders out quicker than if we have to hit up customers for extra shipping before we send them out. Thanks for your support <3

We love USPS Priority flat rate for its speed, security, and low cost. Here are some typical combinations of things that can fit in a box:

$7 small flat rate box/padded mailer (~$33 international to most countries)

  • up to 40 or so chips/holders
  • up to 40 reflectors
  • single hlg185 driver

$13.50 medium flat rate box (~$65 international to most countries):

  • up to 4 heat sinks and some small parts
  • up to 7 hlg-185 drivers (or less drivers and some small parts)
  • 2 hlg-320 drivers
  • 4 hlg-240 drivers

$18.00 large flat rate box (~$85 international to most countries)

  • up to 8 heatsinks (box totally full), or less heatsinks and some small parts
  • 4 heatsinks and up to 3 hlg-185h drivers

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